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Why TheatreSports™?

Through laughter we encourage:


“TheatreSports was the most exciting and enjoyable time I have ever had as a performer…Einstein’s greatest discovery: that imagination is more important than knowledge.” Andrew Denton

Most who see TheatreSports™ and comic improvisation, agree it’s great entertainment. Most who play it, agree it’s great fun. The wholesome laughter that it generates is the key to the role it can play in developing a range of cross curriculum skills in your students, including the willingness to take risks and positively embrace failure - essential parts of all learning.

What is TheatreSports™?
TheatreSports™ is a theatre format that involves teams of two, three or four players, improvising scenes based on audience suggestions to the rules of wacky games similar to those seen on Drew Carey’s “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”. In a theatre setting these scenes are scored by both audience and judges.
Originally created by Keith Johnstone in Canada in the late 70’s to inspire his university drama students, TheatreSports™ has grown, as a performance and learning tool, to be an international benchmark for improvisation. Used in over 20 countries around the world, it encourages confidence, creativity, team work, self expression, a positive attitude, problem solving and performance skills, all in an incredibly humorous format.


Improvisation Shows for Primary Schools

TheatreSports ™‘Mayhem and Morals’
Years R – 7 (50 minutes)
This collage of comedy and thought provoking scenes is a fun introduction to live theatre as well as a useful teaching tool. Students are laughing one moment, pondering right and wrong the next. In your school setting, three improvisers intersperse hilarious TheatreSports™ games with short realistic scenes about issues identified by your students. After seeing their ideas come to life on stage students are encouraged to share their perceptions.


'And The Winner Is ....'
Years 3 – 6 (50 minutes)
Inspire your students to actively engage in creative writing with a contest where the winners get a different form of “A”


You want your students to write, and we want your students to win through creativity.  There are no limits!  All teachers must do is set the deadline.  Your students write the stories and our comedians’ do the judging to decide which students’ stories get performed on stage.  Using the winning papers as our guides, we will re-create the stories as only improvers can – with energy, wit, and imagination.

The rewards for writing have never been so great!


  ‘A Jungle Adventure’
An improvised children's pantomime

Years R - 3

The Winston children, holidaying at their grandparents’, find an ancient text that opens a porthole to a strange and parallel jungle world. Befriending a native, they use Google and 21st century youthful initiative to traverse the land, find the wise hermit, and save the day. Or will they?

Your children will love choosing characters, auditioning our performers for these roles, designing character appearance, making key story line decisions then seeing how it all turns out.


Improvisation workshops

for Primary Schools

‘Improvisation games’
Years 4 – 7 (60 minutes)
A sensational and fun opportunity to develop performance and improvisation skills in a positive, rewarding and confidence-building environment. TheatreSports™ and improvisation teaches self-expression, socialization, public speaking, lateral thinking and cooperation. With Impro NOW!, students will be taken through a number of fun activities that teach the underlying principles of improvisation. The workshop culminates in students using their new skills to perform one of the classic TheatreSports™ games.


Teachers Workshops

*Attention teachers of English*
‘Stimulating creative writing’
  Years 4 – 7   (90 minutes)
Children are at their most creative when they are at play. Here, inspired by activity and interaction, their bodies and minds work together creating and problem solving. Using this element of play you can lead students through the story creation process in a variety of ways. Let us show you how.


‘Teaching Drama for the first time’
Years 3 – 7   (90 minutes)
A really fun and gentle introduction to teaching drama in primary schools. No previous experience, creative flair, artistic genius, stage, props, costumes or scripts necessary. Just good old fashioned fun. 


Improvisation Shows for High Schools

TheatreSports ™‘You’ve Got What It Takes’
Middle School   (Single period show)
Three improvisers will work with students from the audience to act out scenes based on audience suggestions following the rules of hilarious TheatreSports™ games. This is a unique opportunity for students to perform with professional improvisers and gain first hand experience in improvisation and its’ life relevant principles:

  • Committing to a shared purpose
  • Daring to fail
  • Living in the moment
  • Yielding for the benefit of the group
  • Saving others
  • Accepting and empowering others ideas
  • Making others look good.


Physical Theatre 1 & 2
Middle School (Double period workshops)
A fantastic opportunity to explore human physicality. These practical workshops are filled with great ideas for creating alternative physical realities on stage. In each workshop, students will experience three totally different approaches to presenting themselves on stage and then will be challenged with short take away scripts on which to apply their new skills.

Character Capers
Middle/Senior School
 (Double period workshops – Series of 2 or 3 also available)
90 minutes jam packed with activities to help students create new and exciting characters for their next show, or just for the fun of it. During these workshops, novelty games will allow students to discover how history, occupation, emotion, status and physicality can all play vital roles in creating different characters. Students will then be challenged to go away in groups and create a short piece based around the characters they have developed.


Everyone’s a Comedian
Middle/Senior School
 (Double period workshops – Series of 2,3 or 4 also available)
There is a comedian in all of us. We just need the right tools and a little encouragement to experience the joy of making others laugh. Hold on to your hat and come for a ride through some of the wackiest physical and verbal performance games you can imagine, each providing an insight into a different aspect of comedy.  


*Attention all secondary teachers* 
Creative Team Building
Middle/Senior School
 (Double period workshops – series of 2, 3 or 4 also available)
What an inspirational way to commence planning Outdoor Ed Camps, Theatre Productions, Community Service projects or simply getting students supporting each other more in class. Improvisation engages students through laughter, bonds them through novelty shared experiences and creates team work through the application of the following life principles:

  • Committing to a shared purpose
  • Daring to fail
  • Yielding for the benefit of the group
  • Making others look good
  • Accepting and empowering others ideas


*Attention all country schools* 
2008 country tours in your area
Junior/Middle/Senior Schools
Impro NOW! is currently planning state wide country tours for 2008. You can choose any combination of the above programs and we will bring them to you. The more schools in your region that get involved, the lower the costs for everyone. Why not have an interschool event or interschool teacher training workshop. Talk to us and see what can be organized.


An exercise to try with your students


Student Shows*

After having learned the basic principles, have the students perform their own show in a supportive and fun atmosphere. Sit back, relax and laugh as our MC conducts a pre show brief, warm up and the show.
*Generally only suitable after a series of workshops


Interschool Competitions*

This is a great way for students to practice their performance skills. The stakes are higher, but so is the learning, laughter and inter-school relations.
*To perform at this level, students will need to be participating in ongoing training.

“Improvisation skills are probably the most valuable tools an actor of today can posses. TheatreSports encourages these skills to flourish”

Nicole Kidman

Impro NOW! had two sell-out seasons in the Adelaide Fringe 2004 & 2006. The company is committed to inspiring learning and laughter in students of all back grounds and ages through improvisation. Founders Anne and Jeff Simmons have trained in Canada with Keith Johnstone (creator of TheatreSports™) and in Sydney with Lyn Pierce (author of TheatreSports Down Under). Impro NOW! is the only group licensed with the International TheatreSports Institute (I.T.I.) to perform and teach TheatreSports™ in South Australia.
For more information about the ITI go to www.theatresports.org

How workshops develop concentration, self esteem, team work & creativity

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TheatreSports was created by Keith Johnstone, TM & © copyright 1970-2002. All Rights Reserved.
Exclusively licensed by International Theatresports Institute www.theatresports.org