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To prepare the students for a workshop, try this activity:

Simple Freeze Tag: One student is molded into a frozen shape by another student. They must then start a short scene justifying their position, eg. They have their hands in the air…”Don’t shoot! I’ll give you the money” or “Balancing a piano on my fingertips was a trick I learned from my father who was a circus performer”. If working in pairs, get the current performer to now to mold their partner and repeat.

Freeze Tag: As above, but continue the scene until a new position is reached. The partner (or group) yell out “FREEZE”.  Another person must take over the frozen person’s position and start a completely different scene, justifying their position.

Advanced Freeze Tag: As above, but have 2 people in the scene. After yelling out “FREEZE”, the new person coming in tags out only one of the players, adopt their position and start a new scene, taking into account the remaining player’s position. The remaining player doesn’t move until they can justify their position in the new scene.

Tip: Always be encouraging, especially when they are first starting. Assure the student that whatever the justification for his/her position, it is right – after all, it’s their interpretation, not yours. It’s all about having a go.

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