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1. Areas of arts practice:


* Acting           





-stage presence

* Narrative      

-a base for creative writing

* Personal Development  

-public speaking


-Self esteem


-problem solving


-positive attitude


-personal expression



* Group Development




* TheatreSports™ – is improvised theatre played by teams in a structured, dramatic and entertaining games format.

TheatreSports™ is the performance outlet for all of the above points.

2. Why do you want to be involved in this Artists in Schools project?

As the only licensed provider of TheatreSports in Adelaide, we are keen to maintain a quality standard of improvisation in schools.

3. How do you think this project will benefit the students, the teachers and the school community?

The students will develop performance and improvisation skills in a positive, rewarding and confidence-building environment, that will not only be a solid base for acting but also applicable in their personal life and across the curriculum.
The teachers will be given tools to continue the students learning in these areas. What we run here ties in closely to the Teacher Training in S.A.A.D.E.
The school community will enjoy a live performance demonstrating the skills learned and potentially be part of inter school events.

4. What are your expectations of students/staff?

Our expectation is for each student to be actively involved in the workshops and performance, with a lot of laughter in the learning. Staff are present so that there is a good understanding of the learning process and it can be reinforced at a later time. 

5. What would you hope are the outcomes of this project?

The students will have a positive attitude towards learning performance skills, self-expression, socialization, public speaking, lateral thinking and cooperation.

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